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eBlocker GmbH

eBlocker is the world’s first plug & play privacy and parental control solution for all connected devices.

When you go online, you are also unknowingly disclosing lots of data. Data collectors, ad networks and data brokers compile a detailed personality profile of you – based on your surfing habits. 
The resulting profile reveals very private and even intimate information about you, which is often used to your disadvantage. As a result, micro targeting allows marketers to manipulate your behavior. Shops adjust prices based on your predicted purchasing power. Credit institutions estimate your credit scoring; health insurance companies draw conclusions about your health status.
And parents know: Children are spending too much time online. Too many hours per day, often in the middle of the night. Also, they might access content that is inappropriate for their age.

eBlocker protects ALL your connected devices at once – smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, smartTV, game console, smartwatch…all on a network level. No software installation and no browser plugins are necessary. Just connect the eBlocker to your router and get instant protection. The device doesn’t collect any data of its own and doesn’t use any cloud-services. Everything is processed locally. With advanced pattern matching, the eBlocker analyzes your Internet traffic and protects your entire network. The eBlocker is updated daily to keep up with the ever changing tricks of the tracking industry.
Using eBlocker’s family protection you can make sure kids are protected even if friends bring their own devices or devices are shared in the household. Kids can no longer circumvent parental access control and time limits by switching to other devices. 
The eBlocker technology is filed for patent (in Germany and internationally with PCT). 

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