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Digital Partners

Digital Partners is an Online Marketplace that connects and navigates the Technology Ecosystem - we collect, structure and analyze company and technology profiles using advanced database and analytics tools, making it easy for businesses to find technology providers, strategic partners, and customers. 

What is the problem you are solving?
No business functions in isolation. On one hand, new communication tools and better mobility lead to more efficiency in external collaboration. While on the other, increasing supply chain complexity and deepened organizational specialization enhances the need for closer external relations.

This is especially true for “old economy” businesses which lack in-house expertise and resources in the fields of digitisation, data-driven business, and IoT - despite strong pressures to adopt these technologies to stay competitive. However, without the right knowledge and market overview, forming external relationships becomes a risky venture.

The challenge that arises is that of forming trusted relationships, despite fast-moving, complex, in-transparent technology environments, strong market pressures and the search for short-term profits by many players. Moreover, the large amount of seemingly indistinguishable technology options creates the need for support when choosing and implementing relevant solutions and partnerships.

What is unique about your solution? is the easiest and most efficient way of finding and connecting technology providers and customers.
Companies searching for technologies can create project requests and search for relevant technology providers & products. Our database and knowledge graphs - built on semantic web and NLP technologies, provide the most suitable results, considering both technical and business criteria.
Companies can insert their products and services, which are matched with the profiles and search requests of demand-side companies, as well as apply directly to posted projects.

In order to create a trust basis and to ensure quality, reliability, and transparency - providers on the platform are carefully screened and verified, and each company profile contains visible project references and reputation scores.

In case projects require additional support from digital consultants or transaction services for legal, financial and logistical matters, these services can be compared and selected to complete project teams and facilitate execution.

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