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Cyber Security FOG GmbH i. Gr.

We developed the new generation of Cyber Security system, an adaptive, autonomous, intelligent Cyber Security System.

What is the problem you are solving?
Our Cyber Security system protects IT networks from cyber attacks. Our system finds anomalies in the network in milliseconds and eliminates them automatically. So we protect our customer from loss of data, destruction of data or costs for ransomsoftware. The system finds virus attacks, internal and external hacker attacks and ransomware.

What is unique about your solution?
The USP our system is that we combined an intelligent algorithm with an adaptive server. As we know is this combination unique.
The system is controlling the IP adresses of a network. This means that our algorithm is monitoring the IP adresses permanet. So the algorithm lies like a fog in the network. It is learning and growing permanent. The algorithm is in the network. The algorithm merges with the network. It is not detectable and therefore can not be hacked.

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