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Applanga automates the translation process for apps, games or websites. Using our solution alows companies to save time and money while increasing translation quality.

What is the problem you are solving?
Software translation consist of a lot of manual steps wich need to be repeated for every update. A big part of it lands on developer desks who are already stressed out because of releases coming close. This is a:ex pensive and b: quite often leads to errors and bad quality or missing translations.
Also translators need context (screenshots or demo versions) to provide better quality translations of short texts which is also very time consuming.
Applanga provides a platform & set of tools that automatically find all translatable texts, uploads them to our web string management platform, automatically takes screenshots for better contextual translations and pushes them back into the live app without the need of Appstore/Playstore updates.

What is unique about your solution?
Applanga has a unique way of automatically taking screenshots and linking them with translatable texts wich provides translators with better context then any other tool which leads to higher quality translations.
The live update functionality of the Applanga sdks frees developers from a lot of manual work and decouples the translation process from Appstore/Playstore release cycles wich means translations can be updated and fixed at any time without the need of any developer involvement.