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AmbiGate presents Tom - your virtual personal Coach for a healthy back with a 3D Camera as his eyes to detect false movements and training progress in realtime.

What is the problem you are solving?
56 Mio. people in Germany suffer from back pain. They cause 70 Mio. absence days and 55 Billion Euros of economic damage every year! BUT - how does a typical working day looks like? In average we sit 12 hours a day! Before, during and after work we are sitting. Our back is truly not made for this. We should sit less and do more exercises for a healthy back.But there are 2 main issues that keep us away from exercising: Lack of time and motivation! But there is something else: If we do the exercises at home or at work, how do we know if we do them the right way? Maybe we are right now, whilst training our back, causing a secondary disease. We want to change that and give people the chance to do training with fun and feedback even if they are alone. 

What is unique about your solution?
Our solution eReha is a motivating and time saving 3D camera- and videogame-based exercise system. 

For its use you need:

  • The eReha Software
  • a TV or Display
  • 3D-Camera (we use the Kinect from Microsoft) 
  • and a Computer

eReha is founded on 3 pillars

1. Real-time Feedback 
We brought our virtual personal trainer Tom to life. He shows the exercises, a 3D-Camera is his eyes and help him to detect incorrect movements in real-time. The software can create referencedata for all kind of movements. 

2. Biometric Feedback
The system displays progresses of rehabilitation or training and the precision of executed exercises.

3. Gamification 
It is much more motivating to navigate a bird or catch some fish while exercising instead of staring at a blank wall. Intrinsic motivation makes it much easier to keep going.

Use cases:

  • preventively or parallel to physiotherapy
  • corporate-healthcare
  • rehabilitation etc.