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Zackes Brustik

Moderator & Podcaster

Imagine we were to fully go ahead with the transformation of the coming years and jointly manifest a ‘below 2 degrees world’ – that’s the vision that drives Zackes as a moderator, podcast-host and speaker. For more than a decade already Zackes has been moderating international business formats at the intersection of sustainability, technology and digitalization. His goal is to facilitate change and to enable those who are eager to get the sustainability transformation done. Besides hosting the international cleantech podcast ‘The Smarter E’ he also produces his own German podcast show ‘Gewinne Zukunft’ – a high quality B2B sustainability podcast. On a bi-weekly basis he speaks to those who are pushing the envelope on decarbonisation. ‘Gewinne Zukunft’ is THE podcast for professionals seeking to sustainably transform their companies and business models. With ‘Gewinne Zukunft’ Zackes enables you to directly learn from outstanding pioneers and experts in the field of circularity, cleantech, impact business and corporate sustainability.
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Speaking at
SUN X - Recruiting, Stage

Part of Startupnight / its events in: 2022