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Ozan Akkoyun

Cravers GmbH

Ozan Akkoyun is a Berlin-based creative director and entrepreneur. He has completed two Bachelor's Degrees -in engineering and graphic design- followed up with an M.A. in Media Art and Design at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. He is the co-founder of Paleworks Studio and CRAVERS. He has been giving a wide range of creative services in both cultural and commercial areas, experimenting with multiple fields of design such as product, fashion, and communication. After years of experience in branding, he decided to pivot this knowledge and his passion to building a modern, purposeful, vegan brand. Through CRAVERS which specializes in delicious yet guilt-free hazelnut-based products, he strives to create a mindful and positive impact not only on people but also on non-human animals and the planet by helping consumers adopt healthy everyday eating habits.

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SUN X - Food Day

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