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José Fernando Andrade

Innative Lab

Performing artist and spatial designer José Fernando Andrade has led a versatile career, developing interdisciplinary dance-theater projects and innovation events for the corporate world. José Fernando has also been teaching for the last 10 years dance-theater and conducting workshops for both public and private institutions to enhance participants’ creativity.

After participating with his works in key art events like the Ibero American Theatre Festival of Bogotá, Marató de l’Espectacle in Barcelona or Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, José Fernando established in Berlin INNATIVE LAB, aiming to create immersive experiences through the connection of art, science and sensing technologies. He also runs Trend Tours Berlin, an agency for narratives between design, tech and commerce.

Before 2024

Speaking at
SUN X - Recruiting, Workshop

Part of Startupnight / its events in: 2022