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Kajetan Uhlig

Kai Uhlig is founder and managing director of userlane GmbH. While still specialising in international business and capital markets law, Kajetan Uhlig was Managing Director of the user experience agency "CleverChoice", which advised many globally active corporations in elearning and learning experience. In an effort to create a more scalable business model, he founded "GoYummy", a very successful tax savings model for large companies. During his intensive work with enterprises, he repeatedly came across the problem of how difficult it is for corporations to train employees - even if it is only the introduction of software. His expertise in user experience and his past as a successful entrepreneur laid the foundation for the navigation system for software "userlane", which he founded together with Felix Eichler and Hartmut Hahn in 2015.

About Userlane

Userlane is a Munich-based SaaS company founded by Felix Eichler, Kajetan Uhlig and Hartmut Hahn whose mission is to close the knowledge gap between humans and machines by allowing anybody to use any software application without training. The ability to operate software proficiently needs to go from being an acquired skill to becoming implicit know-how for everybody. Userlane ( provides a navigation system for software, allowing users to immediately and fully operate any software application without prior knowledge. Userlane’s interactive guides steer people through processes in software applications and provide step-by-step on-screen assistance by showing users how to accomplish tasks in real time.

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