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Jörg Rheinboldt

CEO Plug & Play Accelerator
Axel Springer

Jörg Rheinboldt

Joerg joined the Axel Springer Plug & Play team as its new CEO in September 2013. He started his first company ‘denkwerk’ while studying Business Administration in Cologne in 1994. In 1999 he co-founded AG which he and his co-founders sold to eBay Inc. after 6 months. Until 2004, Joerg worked as managing director at eBay and helped to grow the company from 6 person startup to one of Germany’s most successful e-commerce companies with more than €500 Mio of revenue.

After his time at eBay, Joerg took a parental leave to be with his wife and his twin sons for several months. In 2005 he started M10 Partners together with his Business Partner. They have invested in numerous Startups and have worked with several companies over the last 9 years. In 2008 Joerg co-founded the transparent online donation platform and non profit organization. More than 6000 projects already use their free technology and advice and more than 470.000 donors have contributed.

Joerg has worked with more than a hundred startups as shareholder and mentor at Axel Springer Plug and Play, M10 GmbH, hub:raum, Startupbootcamp, Startup Institute and as a member of the faculty at the Humboldt Viadrina School of Governance. Together with two friends, he published in 2012 – a book about internet business models. In 2014 Joerg is a co-founder of Unternehmerschule at ESCP. During his off the grid moments, Joerg spends time with his family, likes traveling, loves being outdoors, plays the drums and collects knowledge and gadgets.

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