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Stock market is not for women? Dream on bro… What women bring and what they lack on their path to financial independence.


Where and when

05:30 pm - 06:30 pm
Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office, BRATISLAVA

Women are more often confronted with financial problems than men due to a variety of imbalances (gender gaps). Capital markets offer possible solutions. In 2022, more women (482,000) than men (338,000) opted for shares, equity funds or ETFs for the first time. However, it‘s still true that not even one in five women regularly invests in the capital market. Why? Because services and products in the capital market sector are primarily tailored to men. A financially empowered person in general is informed, skilled and has access to resources to help her/him reach her/his goals. So what do female investors need to successfully master her path to financial freedom?