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Potential Of AI In Public Service Design


Where and when

09:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office, PRAG

Startup Incubator Berlin and Investitionsbank Berlin are are thrilled to announce the AI Edition of the Lean Startup Sprint!

In this panel talk we will discuss the potential of AI in public service design.

Everybody knows public services can be better, but how exactly? Join us for this panel and bring in your ideas!

Here we will also outline the upcoming program ""Lean Startup Sprint - AI Edition"" starting October 13th @deGut.

In the 2-week design sprint we invite you as potential founder or startup-team to bring in, develop and test your startup idea around the topic of AI and public services.

You'll have the opportunity to pitch your concept to a jury, get feedback, win price money and evolve your startup together with SIB & IBB!

Let's reshape the landscape of startup funding together!"