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The Professional is Political! - Why Your Professional Impact Could Be Way Bigger Than Your Private One


  • Alma Spribille
    Bundesverband nachhaltige Wirtschaft - BNW, Member Executive Board

Where and when

9:05 PM - 9:20 PM
Deutsche Telekom's Representative Office, Main Stage

As a matter of fact, today most of us know our personal carbon footprint. That's a promising development. But do you also know your professional one? Most likely you don't.

In her talk at SUN X, Alma Spribille will focus on this often neglected yet crucial aspect of sustainable development. She will take you on a personal journey through her life and career, along firsthand experiences you will learn how she went from collecting garbage in the forest at the age of 8 to founding a sustainable mobile service provider and consulting our minister for economic affairs and climate action, Robert Habeck.