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SUN21: First Program Preview

Our interactive program is intended to provide helpful information around all topics related to startups. Our focus topics will still circle around funding, investments and matchmaking, but adding the topics of recruitment and developer relations to it. Here's a first peek on some program elements!

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The need to open up - how corporations benefit from the outside.
Corporations have to adapt faster and faster due to new technologies, changing employee skills and extremely agile startups. The SUN21 talk by Martin Scholz, Birdhub Ventures, will cover what is important for innovative companies today, both from a former corporate perspective and from the perspective of a founder today. Skills shortages, new ways of working, unsteady environments and many other trends mean that 21st century companies need to open up to remain competitive.

Digital Habit Building
Every day we receive 200 business emails, unlock our smartphone up to 80 times, lose up to 26% of our productivity just by the presence of the smartphone and can work on average only 10 minutes at a time without distractions! How are we supposed to be able to work productively and be balanced? Jelka Seitz is the founder and managing director of the Digital Leaders Institute (DLI). She is an expert at working in the new (digital) world and is passionate about technology, humans, and how they come together. With the DLI, she has set out to inspire people with the possibilities of new technologies and support them in acquiring skills for the digital world so that they, as well as their organizations, can grow.

A new approach to sustainability: Zero-waste IT infrastructures
A sustainable world is unattainable while a fundamental part of it, our IT systems, is not resource-efficient. In this talk, Dr. Alexandra K. Mikityuk, CEO of, is going to share a novel way of building IT services that fully utilize the interconnections of digital machines and leverages the computational power of every connected device to enable a sustainable digital world. 

Staff diagnostics 
In times of staff shortages, it is important to find not necessarily the best, but the right person for the long term. Who is the right person for a task area? What competencies someone needs to be successful in this position and whether you have the right managers for the new strategy. Claudia Vennemann of WAfM Diagnostik will introduce tools for this important topic. 

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