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Program preview #final

We believe that this year's program is simply fantastic! Check out the various sessions and the schedule at Here are some final updates and additions of our stage events and sessions!

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Why to join an incubator or accelerator? (update) 

Nowadays, you can find several accelerators and incubators popping out in several countries, offering tons of opportunities to startups. This huge offer leads to confusion: when is the right time to join one? Why should I do it at all? What can I expect out of this chance? These and many other aspects will be discussed during this session, bringing clarity to this foggy cosmos.
The participants of this panel are Axel Menneking, Head of hubraum, Iris Hempel, Project Lead at HighTech SeedLab and Tobias Wittich, CEO of Reaktor.Berlinhubraum's Julia Neumann will be the moderator.

The discussion is being followed by a Q&A Session – startups and incubation experts will be waiting for your questions! Use these 30 minutes in this interactive session to find out whatever you need – how do I apply? What happens after the collaboration? Do I have to give equity? Top insights, tailored to your interests.

State of the Ecosystem – latest trends in venture investments (update)
The Venture capital industry is affected by many different trends at the moment: super-fast remote dealmaking at early-stages, Mega funds like Softbank or Tiger Global, the increasing participation of Corporate Venture Capital, new ways of financing through crypto, the goal of bringing more diversity in the ecosystem – just to name a few. How does this change venture capital firms and their business models and what does this mean for founders seeking capital?

Florian Steger, Managing Director Deutsche Telekom hubraum Fund GmbH, will talk about these current developments with Rouven Dresselhaus, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Cavalry Ventures, and Andreas Unseld, Partner at Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners UVC.

Recruiting – national, European or global? New ways of searching for and hiring talents.

In a Q&A with Startupnight’s Cem Ergün-Müller, Stefan Gotthardt, Volkswagen Digital Lab in Lisbon, will show which paths companies are taking in the search for personnel. Stefan Gotthardt reports on his experiences in recruiting IT employees/software developers in Portugal. What does a recruiting process look like? What is important to the company and what is the focus of future employees? What are the expectations?

How to successfully raise your next financing round

Alex Kiltz from UVC Partners will share a VC's perspective on all things #fundraising: How #startups best prepare for their next financing rounds? What are the necessary ingredients? Should you speak with investors between fundraising cycles or ignore them? How to achieve an efficient fundraising process? How to best identify suitable investors to not waste time speaking with irrelevant ones? How to create a strong pitch deck and create FOMO? How to have your round preempted?

Code to Heart – Developing for the Open Source Community

Aeneas Rekkas, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of ORY, a state-of-the-art Identity Management and Security startup in Munich, will talk about his journey. From developing learning platforms, receiving a Federal Cross of Merit, to engaging with large top-line VC firms for innovative deep-tech solutions. Aeneas is passionate about the Open Source community and will share some key insights on how to build successful tech startups. 

How to find employees online (fast)" – and without a big budget

The right employees are essential, especially in the early stages of a startup - also as a basis for decision-making for investors. At the same time, there is little time & budget for recruiting. Benjamin Visser, CEO of VB Business Group, will give you 5 questions which you should ask yourself when recruiting.

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