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Detecon have chosen the six finalists for their Detecon Valley pitch, who will show their pitch on stage at Startupnight. Here’s a quick introduction to the startups and what they do best :)

  • Startupnight 2015 Stage

1. Teraki 

Teraki aim to make “big data small”. They collect the data with sensors and then reduce it by up to 95%. This has useful applications in the area of ‘connected car’, aerospace and industrial 4.0.

2. SatoshiPay

SatoshiPay have developed a payment platform which allows users to pay in bitcoins for very small payments (nano payments). This means that content providers can charge their customers very small amounts for reading, seeing or even listening to their content.

3. Twyla

Twyla want to revolutionise the area of automated customer service. It’s a messaging platform that wants to integrate chat-bots into live-chat, so that they can automatically answer questions, avoid tickets and generally take pressure off of customer advisors.

4. Cookies App

Cookies App is a FinTech startup which uses a P2P business model, aiming to get rid of the need for ATMs, IBANs and BICs. You can simply transfer money to your friends using your phone number or email address.

5. Illusion Walk KG

Illusion Walk have created their own virtual reality platform, meaning that uses can travel around virtual rooms and worlds using the real-time holodeck. Different scenarios include multiplayer games, VR showrooms or even virtual training.

6. Productive Mobile

Productive Mobile simply offer the possibility to allow IT departments to transform web-based intranet applications, quickly and easily in mobile apps.


The pitches will be taking place at Telekom’s Hauptstadtrepräsentanz, 10117 Berlin, on Saturday 3rd September at 10:30pm. Make sure you don’t miss out and get your ticket now!