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Dr. Andreas Göhring

Founder & CEO

Dr. Andreas Göhring

Dr. phil. Andreas Göhring is an expert on human behavior. He studied Social Sciences while serving as an officer in the German Army. Especially his main strength of thinking outside the box paved his way to become a highly successful CEO of several pharmaceutical companies. This “maverickism” together with his widespread experiences and understanding of people’s motives and actions which he acquired during his work with multinational corporations as well as the typical SME´s and individuals enable him to enable others to focus on their own path. In 2002 Andreas founded his own company WAfM, which specializes on potential diagnostics, leadership trainings, staff development and high-performance team-building. Not satisfied with the methods available Andreas developed a highly sophisticated and innovative tool for the analysis of personality traits which goes far beyond the common questionnaires: for the first time it is now possible to make the potentials of individuals visible on all their layers: the implicit motives, the ability to act, the cognitive powers and the way the individual perceives himself. Simple, ingenious, efficient and scalable. Definitely a company´s secret weapon for success.

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