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Technology Trends ‚made by Startups‘ – Insights aus dem Silicon Valley


Where and when

Conference 2017
3:30 pm - 4:15 pm
Room 2

Increasingly, it is startups that develop new technologies, innovative services and products and launch them on the market. New business models are cropping up at high speeds, bringing more and greater challenges for established companies. But what are the technological trends that are currently happening in Silicon Valley and promising groundbreaking developments? What patterns are we seeing when analyzing venture capital activities and which technology trends can be derived from this?

Based on expertise from our partner network and our analyses, we will provide insight into current and future trends on Silicon Valley's startup and venture capital scene. What are the up-and-coming trends for the next three years? Which technological trends are gaining in strength and are having a fundamental impact on our way of thinking, our lives and the way we work as well as on the competitiveness of established companies? We will use specific examples to demonstrate the innovations that startups in Silicon Valley are working on, the players who determine the dynamics and the topics and technologies that are seeing an inflow of venture capital from one of the most important startup accelerators in the world.