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poolynk GmbH

Only 95 of 100 pallets or containers shipped in supply chains will come back after use. The global loss adds up to a two digit billion Euro amount per year.

Main reason is inadequate or unsynchronized documentation of the handover of reusable load carriers based on papers. We offer a smart cloud based solution to save up to 50% of this damage. The handover is recorded by a standard device (smartphone or tablet) with the mobile poolynk-App by one partner. After confirmation by the counterpart records are uploaded and stored in the poolynk cloud, based on MS Azure. Back office people can easily review and manage all transactions and balances with the poolynk web portal or export data into the own ERP system using standardized interfaces. No investments in hard-/software or expensive licenses are necessary, you only pay a modest fee based on traffic.

Online banking for pallets and containers - a market representing 200 million Euro revenue for poolynk.

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