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SPIN ANALYTICS brings digital transformation in Credit Risk Management by leveraging predictive analytics, AI and ML techniques on Big Data.

What is the problem you are solving?
RISKROBOT is a SPIN ANALYTICS product and implements Credit Risk Models’ development and maintenance by leveraging predictive analytics, AI and ML techniques on Big Data. It is a software framework that also implements and fully automates many modern sophisticated methodologies and algorithms used by the world leaders in the industries of Banking and Credit Modeling for effective Risk Management purposes and regulatory purposes. It makes it extremely simple for Financial Institutions and Corporations to significantly upgrade and fully automate their Credit Risk Management processes both on exposure and on portfolio level, in a fraction of time and cost.

What is unique about your solution?
Although several statistical packages are currently being used for developing and maintaining Credit Risk Models (on exposure or portfolio level), the process still remains manual, time consuming (usually at least 3 months per model), highly demanding in risk experts and extremely costly. RISKROBOT operates in the cloud, is fully automated, highly secured, uses Big Data techniques and can provide immediate Financial Benefits for the clients. It can become the dominant solution as the current way of models’ development is expensive, slow and requires manual work done by highly skillful experts.

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