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Envio Systems

Envio is an integrated IoT company capable of economically transforming any building into an energy efficient smart building.

What is the problem you are solving?
Envio solves the following problems for customers: 1) Commercial buildings waste up to 50% of energy used and contribute 1/3 of all GHG; 2) Energy is the largest operating cost for property owners and $45 billion is wasted annually in our target market; 3) Energy efficiency projects are expensive with poor ROI; 4) Existing building infrastructure is not compatible with new technologies 5) Retrofits are expensive, time consuming, and disruptive to normal building operations.

What is unique about your solution?
Envio is unique because it offers a sophisticated combination of hardware, software, and web-based monitoring/control that reduces energy consumption by an average of 40% at 25% of competitor cost. “Low cost” is accomplished by: 1) Universal compatibility with any existing building infrastructure; 2) Proprietary software that self-configures after installation and self-optimizes thereafter; 3) Wireless communication through concrete (without repeaters) minimizes new equipment and installation/labor cost; 4) Plug & play technology requires no advanced training; 5) Real time analysis of occupancy and energy consumption data; 6) No existing Building Management System is required; 7) Installation is not disruptive to normal building operations; 8) Device replacement is simple and rapid in case of failure (plug & play). In addition, Envio offers a proprietary algorithm that uses historic sensor and energy use data to make smart efficiency decisions in the future.

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