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Easly is an intelligent Online-Shopping-Assistent (in form of a Browser-Extension), which automates the checkout- as well as the price-comparison process for Online-Shoppers.

What is the problem you are solving?
The checkout in Online-Shops as well as the price comparsion is time consuming. Because of this customers order products in Shops, where they have already an Account - regardless small price differences. Easly automates the Price-Comparison in real-time, when customers view products on the product detail-page. So that there is no need anymore for manual price comparison. Furthermore, Easly helps to find the perfect date to order the desired product. With the price-history function, customers can now see how the price for the desired good changes in the last weeks.

What is unique about your solution?
Easly is based on Machine Learning, so that our algorithm is not limited to a specific number of Online-Shops (its international scalable). The other unique point on Easly is that everything happens in Realtime - no time wasted for our user.