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Newsletter June/23/2017
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Happy Friday

Just a quick reminder to let you know our ticket prices increase tonight at midnight & as cliffhanger add another amazing speaker.

Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck will join Startupnights conference to share his point of view on humans, management and life in a most satirical-philosophical way. Gunter is a philosopher, writer, columnist, mathematician, management expert, and a member of “world 2.0”. Until 2011, he served in IBM as a Distinguished Engineer. For the most recent years, he held the position of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at IBM Germany.

Holger G. Weiss
Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck
Chief Technologist and Distinguished Engineer at IBM Germany.


Check out our program & speakers online!

Enjoy the weekend!

Startupnight Team

Newsletter June/21/2017
Startupnight Think Big

Hey early birds, this is your last chance to save your ticket!

We're super excited to bring you the second round of speakers for this year's Startupnight conference.

Ticket prices will increase on Saturday!

Our conference contains of 4 streams:
  • Inspiration
  • Technology
  • Money
  • Connect

So get your ticket now to get real insights from top management members of corporates and top experts in different domains who will be part of Berlin's unique event.

The ‘Inspiration’ track will seek to gain inspiration from the outside: What can startups, innovators, and investors learn from the art scene? What can the art scene learn from the startup ecosystem?

The ‘Technology’ track will focus on some of the most hyped technology trends in 2017 and on their importance for corporate innovation: Why is AI going to change the automotive industry? Is blockchain solely interesting for the fintech world?

The ‘Money’ track will focus on the different ways for startups to gain access to investments: What are the trends in the VC scene in 2017? What are good alternatives to VCs?

The ‘Connect’ track will provide participants with best practice case studies from Corporates and Startups: Why is it so difficult for startups to connect to corporates and how do corporates align the broad coalition of players?

Holger G. Weiss
Daniel Brückner
Senior Digital Strategist UFA LAB
AR, AI, VR, Smart City - Which is the right topic for startups?
Holger G. Weiss
Holger G. Weiss
Founder & CEO German Autolabs
How AI reinvents mobility
Matthias Terheggen
Matthias Terheggen
Managing Director, EDGE Certified Foundation
How much do topics like holocracy, mindfulness, diversity and equality mean to the success of a startup.


'The Rollercoaster VC Pitch' presented by Startupnight

Startupnight Rollercoaster Pitch

Dear Startups,
we know, we know .... you have been pitching at various conferences this week and so we felt a little under pressure to get you excited for another pitch event.

Well as you have always been the focus of Startupnight we decided there ain't no mountain high enough or in this case, rollercoaster. We convinced a couple of Berlin's finest VCs to take your pitch during a rollercoaster ride.

  • The ride is on us
  • The beer is on us (afterwards)

Meet our friends from b10 | Venture CapitalCavalry Ventures and bmp to pitch your idea.

Date: 29.06.2017
Time: 5pm - 9pm

Apply now!



Newsletter June/06/2017

The real deal with corporates - Insights you'll only get here! Startupnight Conference Insights

It has been a while that only large corporations offered innovation for entire industries. Now startups are disrupting industries with business
modell and technological innovation, which are based on the latest research results. 

But corporates will not disappear.

So the future for them lies also in cooperating on eye-level with startups. 
What is it like for startups work with corporates? What do corporates expect from startups and how can they cooperate in a for both sides beneficial way?

How can corporates support startups with their structures and network without stopping the speed and flexible approaches of startups?  With people who understand both sides. The good, the bad and the ugly. 
The focus of our conference is the direct exchange between startups and corporates. With people who understand both sides. The good, the bad and the ugly. 
We offer workshops, panel discussions, fireside chats and presentations around:

  • Inspiration - The world is great - so much inspiration for our daily work & life
  • Technology - What are the relevant technological trends and impacts?
  • Connect – Best practices of corporates & startups
  • Money - How to find the right investors

And we will bring speakers who know what they are talking about about.

Speakers confirmed

Johann Jungwirth

Johann Jungwirth
Chief Digital Officer Volkswagen AG
Insights on Volkswagen ambitions with startups

 Ben Broshi

Ben Broshi
Chief Digital Officer Deutsche Telekom Medien
Chatbots - the answer for future services

 Julian Riedlbauer

Julian Riedlbauer
Partner GP Bullhound
Early Stage VC Panel

Startupnight Meetup @Hub:raum on June 14th starting 7pm

You would like to meet us & see how you can participate @ Startupnight?
We are hosting our first Meetup next week @hub:raum.

Date:         June 14th
Time:         7pm
Location:   hub:raum, Winterfeldstr. 21, 10781 Berlin

Come along and join us for a relaxed evening over beer & pizza to meet other Startups, our partners & see how you can get the best out of Startupnight.
We will have our friends from Cavalry Ventures over to share their insights. 
Join us to see, why it is a great opportunity to join Startupnight:

Up | side | down ---- The rollercoaster life of an entrepreneur


Up | side | down ----
The rollercoaster life of an entrepreneur.
Everybody is always talking about “Your life as an entrepreneur is like a rollercoaster ride.”

Well … we do like rollercoaster & for everybody who wants to experience the roller-coaster entrepreneurial life for himself, we invite you to join us on a rollercoaster ride. 
Yes - on a rollercoaster!

Not just a tiny one - BUT a rollercoaster worth while the hype. 
All people with great ideas who are looking for investment should come & join us, because our VCs are taking office hours’ head down.
Meet Daniel Hoepfner is a Founder and Managing Director of b10,
a Berlin-based company builder with focus on B2B Startups with the potential to disrupt an industry.

b10 backs "category killer" startups. They are looking for entrepreneurs with a bold vision, ability to execute, fast going and the potential to go global. B10 loves B2B, technology-driven models, disruptive startups in huge markets and b2b-companies which put the enterprise-world upside down.
Or take a seat next to Björn Loose, Senior Analyst at Cavalry Ventures. 

CAVALRY VENTURES is a Berlin based (pre-) seed fund with true value add for founders. They are among the first investors in a startup and support their portfolio companies not only with capital but with real operations know-how, access to an international network and active fundraising support.

We will have a nice get-together around the ride.

Great - so just email us to


Dear Startups, 
you still have the chance to apply and be part of one of Europe's largest startup events. Startupnight will provide you with valuable contacts, real customer feedback & the insights you are looking for.

Newsletter May/08/2017

Happy Monday! See you there?

First we would like to say: "WOW" and "THANK YOU"
We already received more than 50 applications from startups in the first week.

That is great & to all the other startups out there. We will have space for 250 startups this year in 4 different locations (Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft and Volkswagen). Use the chance to meet other startups, corporate partners, potential customers or future employees.
Apply now!

Startupnight at re:publica 17

May 8th - May 10th @ Deutsche Telekom Booth

Use this week to get in touch with us in person and meet us @re:publica 17(#rp17). Startupnight will have a small meet&greet area at Deutsche Telekom booth in the main hall. Ping us with @startupnight or #startupnight via Twitter or Facebook.

Use the chance to win free tickets for Startupnight. All you have to do is just drop by and take part at our sweepstakes.

Startupnight at Tech Fair

May 10th - May 12th @ VW Booth

We will also be at CUBE Tech Fair. This time we will have a real booth at our partners from Volkswagen. Come along and get in touch with us. We would love to discuss, how you can become a part of Startupnight 2017.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
And to brighten this up just a little more, we will give out free tickets for the Startupnight.
And to brighten this up just a little more, we also have a raffle to win free tickets for our conference.

Startupnight conference:
"Inspiration | Technology | Connect | Money"
Use the chance to get in touch with a large network of corporates, investors and potential customers thereby helping you to accelerate your business and to expand your network.

You cannot make it to either? – No problem!!!
Stay tuned and receive all updates regarding our conference and our event program over the next weeks or send us an email to get in touch.
So just that you know, we have a series of satellite events coming up and still many secrets we would like to share with you over the next weeks.

Newsletter April/27/2017
Startupnight Logo Think Big
We are so excited to be back. Over the last few month we worked hard to make Startupnight even better for startups & visitors. We redesigned many elements of our concept and want to inform you first-hand.
Startupnight Newsletter Banner 1704

Our Motto
One of the topics that we kept pushing for the last few years is that every staxrtup should think international and achieving economies of scale. So what better motto could we have come up with than: THINK BIG
And everything we do for startups, customers and corporates is going in that direction. 
Therefore “Goodbye Lange Nacht der Startups", "Hello Startupnight"!!!
So not only should you go international: We will too! 
Last year we had startups from 15 different countries. This year we already have requests from startups as far as Canada, Russia and India. We also have many more space available as Volkswagen is opening their full venue to us. So we will be able to host 250 startups this year.

Startupnight Newsletter Banner 1704

New Day
Due to the many requests we have received we are moving our event to Friday.
So this year’s Startupnight will take place on the 8th of September 2017. This way we can get more relevant investors, senior management from corporates and great speakers for our program.

Startupnight Newsletter Banner 1704

Our Fokus

We will focus on:

  • Pitches, Pitches, Pitches
  • Conference (Inspiration | Technology | Connect | Money)
  • Speed dating (Corporates & Investors)

Startupnight will put you in contact with a large network of corporates, investors and potential customers thereby helping you to accelerate your business and to expand your network.
This year our startups will have a wide variety of backgrounds, including mobility, energy, fintech, AI, AR/VR, IoT, and many more. And our call for application has now been opened.

So save the date!
Get your early bird ticket!
Stay tuned!

You can find more details here.

Sincery yours,
Startupnight Team

Celebrating Innovation 2017

You are happen to be at the "Celebrating Innovation"? Come and meet our Team and get to know how you can get involved with Startupnight.